Justin Cousson

A comedy human of ambiguous ethnicity and unkempt hair.



Since 2015, I've been the host and one of the producers of Show Us Your Kitties* at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles benefiting Sante D'Or Animal Rescue in Atwater Village. Each show has featured numerous stand-up comedians, even more footage of actual adoptable cats, and various audience games and antics raising thousands of dollars for the animals.

Here are some of the videos that I prepared for the latest show. The last one - "CAT BUTT" is a collaboration with cartoonist Eddie Mauldin and features music and vocals from Tom Slovinski.

*=I did not pick the name. Personally, I was partial to MEOW: THAT'S WHAT I CALL AN ANIMAL RESCUE BENEFIT, The Fur Ball, and Jokesy and the Pussycats, although I believe all of these are equally terrible in their own ways.