Justin Cousson

A comedy human of ambiguous ethnicity and unkempt hair.

Justin Cousson is a comedian, writer and comedy producer of indeterminate ethnicity and unkempt hair. He started performing in Washington, DC and Baltimore as a teenager  in 2007 and currently lives in Los Angeles, where he hosts and produces the prominent comedy variety messes AN SHO(w) and It's On with Justin Cousson at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

In Billboard Magazine, Reggie Watts praised Cousson as someone who excites him in comedy, and professed his love for the "shoddy, abstract comedy" of him and his previous live production, the AN SHO(w) Stand-Up Comedy (House) Party. His work has also been featured in the Washington Post, USA Today, Mashable, HelloGiggles, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan, as well as covered internationally in England, Japan, Germany and Australia.

He's been seen at clubs with Reggie Watts and Judah Friedlander, and hosted for Aziz Ansari, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Demetri Martin, Todd Glass, and Iliza Shlesinger, to name a few.

His fictional podcasts include the Nodcast (Bobblehead talk), the Codcast (Atlantic fish talk), the Sodcast (turf and soil reviews) and the Rimbaudcast (mispronouncing 19th-century French poets' names).

Outside of comedy, he loves the Baltimore Orioles, baking inventive vegan banana breads, Mister Ed, baseball cards, vinyl records, autographs, puppets, pupusas, and his tabby cat, Tito.

He is currently feuding with James Blunt over this, and as of 2018, still cannot play the piano.